Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Take a Note!

I've been hunting the web for new ideas for craft shows. Hopefully I'll be in two come March and was faced with the problem of what to fill the table with instead of, oh, Christmas ornaments...I know, what a thought. In my wanderings I came across these cute little Post-it note clipboards and had to try them myself.
Ridiculously cute, right?? Off to Staples I went to stock up on Post-it notes and binder clips (two of my favorite things). They're so, SO simple to make as well! Here's what you need:
  • chipboard or really stiff cereal box cardboard cut to 4"x4" for the base
  • pretty paper cut to 4"x4", two pieces for each clipboard
  • medium-sized binder clip
  • more pretty paper cut to 1.25"x2"
  • adhesive
  • sandpaper
  • ribbon
  • corner rounder or crop-a-dile
  • Post-its
From here, it's really simple. Take your chipboard and put a piece of the 4"x4" paper on each side, sticking it down with adhesive. While that dries/sits, cover your binder clip with the smaller paper strip tacking it down with adhesive on each side. Round the edges of your chipboard with your crop-a-dile, corner rounder, or scissors. Use the sandpaper to even out all the edges and give it a slightly rustic look. Clip the Post-its to the chipboard with your decorated binder clip, tie a ribbon on it, and you're done! Here's how mine came out:
I'd love to see how yours come out if you try the project! Happy crafting!

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  1. OK. LOVE! This would make a great teacher gift- and of course I need one too!! Thank you for sharing! Looks like a great project--I am totally going to make one!


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