Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prepping for the Craft Show, Part 1

Craft show season is upon me once again! So while the weather was gorgeous this weekend, I was working away on the porch (out of the sun!) on the latest batch of Modge-Podge projects. :)

I love how well my tile coasters come out (and honestly, how well the sell at the shows!) so I was working away making more of those. Gotta keep those designs fresh! My almost-brother-in-law had the great idea of making trivets as well to coordinate with the coasters so I'm giving those a try this time as well.

I started off upstairs during nap time cutting up all my new papers. I have to say, the new Recollections pads from Michael's are ADORABLE!

Small squares are coasters, larger ones are trivets

Aren't they pretty? I love how well they cut up and coordinate
I'm such a sucker for nature prints
After slicing & dicing, outside I went to start putting them on my tiles. They're looking so pretty!

Yes, you DO see clothespins in the back! I FINALLY found the large clothespins again!!! Yay!!! They got decked out in fun kitchen-y paper and will have their recipe cards added to them soon. I haven't seen any of them in my local stores since January. It's been killing me not to have them!

After all the clothespins and trivets dried up, it was time to work on the coasters. It's so nice being able to be outside - everything dries so fast!
How do I know when I have enough coasters? When the table is full!
Other angle. I love the new patterns!
Ok, time to hit 'play' on the Cookie Monster DVD again...or so I'm told. :) Besides, I need to get back to work on magnets!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Wow, you sure are productive! I found your blog through Busy Mom's Team on etsy - was working on some etsy stuff tonight and thought I'd look around.

    I've never mod-podged anything (can you believe it?). I'm inspired by your things.

  2. Hi Margo! Believe me, it took several nap times to get everything cut. Thankfully my little boy LOVES his sandbox (and having Daddy home for the weekend). I feel more productive when I get everything done assembly-line style.

    LOL - I just used an entire jar of modge-podge for the first time ever. I didn't even know it was possible! Replaced it with a huge vat. Careful if you try it, it's addictive!


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