Thursday, December 3, 2015

Crafty Destash

Well, Santa called - he said I've been a fabulous girl all year, but my craft room is full to the brim and he won't bring me any more presents until I weed some things out. Come to think of it, he sounded a lot like my husband...hmmm...regardless, it's time to clean and you get to benefit.

I've started up a separate Instagram account for your shopping convenience and so that no one unfollows my main feed of happiness and kitties. I also have a new page here on the blog devoted to the destash movement. Everything is either new or gently used. Yes, there is some ink staining but it doesn't affect the awesomeness of the stamp. Fun fact: ink staining means that the stamp is made from high quality materials and is simply reacting with certain inks. See, nothing to worry about!

What, you're still here reading this? Ok, don't forget that you have until December 4th to hop along with us on the So Suzy Stamps Friendship Blog Hop for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate.

Now go, shop! :D

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