Friday, May 19, 2017

What's in YOUR Bunkie?

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm so excited to be part of this awesome hop celebrating the launch of Simply Charming Bags, the new home of the Bunkie Bag and all of her sisters!

For those of you unfamiliar with Bunkie Bags, zippered MISTI totes, and the rest of the family they are handmade by the amazing and vivacious Denise, aka Den Bunkie Bags, the wonderful mother of Suzy. I'm lucky, I've been adopted into the family and get to call her Momma. :) And let me tell you, Momma knows how to sew! She also makes amazing snickerdoodles...sigh...

As a part of this celebration, Momma is giving away a $20 gift certificate to Simply Charming Bags. All you have to do is comment on all the stops on the hop; winner will be announced on Friday, May 26th.

So, what do I keep in my Bunkie? I consider her my 'go bag' when I'm off cropping or card making for the day. (any NCIS fans? Anyone?) And let me tell you, Bunkie holds more than you think!

Of course, pretty fabric is just as addicting as pretty paper, so I have a few to choose from...LOL

I've had my green one for 3 years now and she's still going strong! Oh, and I've had to clean melted chocolate out of my glitter one...thank goodness Momma has cleaning instructions. I do suggest eating all of your chocolate before putting your Bunkie in the trunk to drive home to New York...from July. Yeah.

I've also used Bunkies as gift bags, stuffed them full of Christmas cards for a trip to the post office (you can fit 50 one layer cards, FYI) and used them to sneak candy into the house. They're the perfect little tote bag!

Looking around my craft room, Momma is everywhere...LOL I have a MISTI zip tote for both my regular MISTI and my Mini MISTI which is where they live all.the.time. That way I know they're safe and sound, and I tuck my foam insert right back in there when I'm not using it. One less thing for me to lose that way...oh, and my spare grid pads fit in there, too!

Then there's my Scan 'n Cut cover. Isn't it pretty? I have a matching one for my Silhouette Cameo, but she's packed up for a crop right now. Some people poo-poo machine covers, saying they use their machines every day, who needs a cover?? Yeah, I have cats...I don't need cat fur in my machines! LOL

And then there's my custom tote bag. Oh, I love her so; I picked out the fabric myself shopping with Momma. I can fit soooooo much in here, and she matches my MISTI pouch. She even traveled to Creativation with me! :) I think she needs a sister; just look at this fabric coming next month!!

Ok ok, enough of me waxing poetic about Momma's awesome bags; now you're off to Justine's blog!

Full hop list:

Momma herself

Enjoy the hop, and congrats Momma! How about some snickerdoodles to celebrate? ;)

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