Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christmas in July on Etsy! Featured Shop: FoundForYou

I'd just like to rub it in that I'm writing this from an Adirondack chair on the deck at our campground. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and I have a mug of hot chocolate courtesy of my husband. Yeah, vacations are awesome. :)

Today's shop, chosen at random to be featured, is FoundForYou!

The shop is run by Joanna, who happily hunts through garage sales, estate sales, and antique shops to find fun & pretty things for us. Her items are all 25% off from now until July 23rd. Browsing through her finds, I came across some things I wouldn't mind myself (surprising, I know).

Small Brown Glass Bottles
How cute are these bottles? I can actually see myself tucking some flowers in them like Joanna has done for the picture. They're just so CUTE!

Depression Glass Green Serving Tray with Handle
It didn't take me long to find something green (hey, it matches everything I have!) and this serving tray is really pretty. I can absolutely see using it year-round.

White Enamelware Stock Pot
Enamelware! So fun vacation story; my husband grew up with the enamelware plates, mugs, etc. for camping. To him, that means camping has begun when you pull those out. Well, we didn't have any...until we walked into a store up here. Ever seen a grown man clutching a 16-piece dinnerware set, jumping up and down saying "honey, LOOK!!! Can we PLEASE get these??" I may just need to pick up the stock pot for next year...looks like you could fit a few lobsters in there. Yum.

So, to summarize today's shop of the day:

Found For You
Vintage and antique items found for you
Entire store 25% off, no coupon code needed, from now until July 23rd

Go, shop, find pretty things, and tell Joana that Caffeinated Papercuts sent you! <3

Please note: I have not received compensation in any way to write about this shop. All views are my own personal ones and not from a script. I'm just that opinionated.

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