Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When it Rains, it POURS!

I did not grow up camping. We went on vacation, stayed in hotels, and hung out at the beach on nice days. I always thought it was fun.

Enter my husband. He grew up camping and absolutely loves it. I, though baffled at sleeping outside, agreed to try it for the first time last year. We headed out to Nova Scotia with my in-laws for a week of hot sun and the beach.

It rained for 90% of the trip. They had *never* had that happen before. I did still have fun, but it was cold & wet. Blah. They promised next time would be much better.

That brings us to this year. My family always goes to Maine so we decided to head there this year. We also decided to go camping, thus making the trip affordable. We packed up with anticipation and headed out early this morning. Twas a beautiful, hot, humid day (my favorite kind).

We got to our first campsite on the beautiful Sebago Lake. Got set up, settled in, and headed straight for the beach. Beautiful day, nice water...ahhhh...

Then the thunder started. And the lightning. And then the monsoon. Seriously. We're maybe near the end of it now, but judging by the amount of water in our canoe, it looks like we just got about 2" of rain in an hour. The true miracle is that my son slept through it!

Of course, now he's wide awake, so we're heading into town for supplies. All of this just leaves me with one question:


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