Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time to Play Empty the Rooms!

So the good news: we're getting carpeting installed on Tuesday. Seeing as the living room and dining room are nothing more that subflooring hidden by area rugs, this is a very good thing. Kieran will be mobile before we know it so it is time for real flooring.

Bad news: I have to remove EVERYTHING from those two rooms. Ack! Dishware, curio cabinet, photos, books...the list goes on.

Pass the coffee.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Signs of Spring?

This past weekend was the annual Capital Region Flower and Garden Show. I go every year and love seeing what landscapes the local businesses have created indoors for us.

This year's show-stopper was the recreation of Falling Waters by Design Scapes. The people admiring it even moved just in time for me to get a great picture of it with my phone.

As part of a mining display by R&K Nursery were these amazing carts full of flowers (and bunnies if you look closely). I liked how it was something I could duplicate in my garden.  The outdoor bar with the green roof by Decker Landscaping was just awesome!

After seeing the displays we headed for the vendors. Local wineries, farms, and garden centers were there with tryouts, coupons, and show specials. My son was very helpful in helping his Gramma pick out bulbs to plant.

Now we just need the ground to thaw so we can get planting. Come on, spring!