Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Dead, Jim

Rest in peace, little Cricut
There's been a tragic death in my craft room. My beloved Cricut, just 3 years old, had officially kicked the bucket. It made it through Christmas without a hint that something was troubling it, but then choked when I wanted it to cut out Valentine hearts. Horrible grinding noises, feed bar not was tragic. I did all that I could to revive it - found the online troubleshooting and ran the reset (twice...I was desperate!), begged, pleaded, threatened, and finally called customer service. The very nice lady informed me, with sadness in her voice, that not only was it out of warranty but quite dead. "Perhaps a nice refurbished one...?"

How do you replace such a beloved machine? (especially on a miniscule budget) For now it sits in the corner of my craft room, resting. Someday I'll get a new Cricut (like that sexy new black one!), but for now the pain is too great and the wallet too empty. You served me well, little Cricut. Enjoy your little electronic afterlife, wherever that may be.

So my dear Sizzix Big Kick, have I told you how much I love you today?