Friday, September 7, 2012

Cassie and the Jingle Bell

Hi there - I'm getting prepped for not one, but two craft shows this weekend! Eek! I'll be back next week with fun crafty things, but in the meantime, enjoy a crazy cat story. :)

So right before we left on vacation back in July, my Cassie cat (aka Mama's GORGEOUS baby GIRL! Yes, I'm biased) managed to pop her collar off somewhere in the house. Not the first time a kitty has done that around here, so I didn't think much of it. I informed her to go find it and leave it somewhere for me to find and put back on her.

Yes, I realize this makes me sound like a crazy cat lady. However, it's actually worked with her brothers!

Fast-forward to this week and the collar is still missing. So I cave and buy her a new, pretty pink one. Now, those of you whom have ever bought kitty collars before will have noticed that they all come with little jingle bells attached. I'm not sure of their actual purpose, but around here they're known as Kitty Torture Devices. Many a laugh have been had watching the boys chase the bell that's following them before taking the humane path and removing it from the collar.

On this day, I wanted a laugh. I was still peeved about Cassie ditching the first one, so I placed the collar on her, bell and all, and waited for the floor show.

It never happened.

My brilliant baby girl simply proceeded to strut around showing off her new pink collar, then proceeded to successfully sneak up on her brothers. By the time they heard the jingle bell it was already too late.
That's right, my little girl became a stealth ninja bearing a jingle bell of doom!

Cassie and her little pink jingle bell
Just when you think you understand cats...

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