Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Party Time! Scrapbook Page Tutorial

Happy Wednesday everyone! I was cleaning out my camera last night and came across some assembly instructions for the Party Time! page kit. When I was putting together the sample kit I realized that the balloons were a little tricky and had to be assembled in the correct order, otherwise they're not going to look quite right. So I grabbed my phone and shot some assembly pics.

Yes, they're camera phone shots...yes, that explains the funky lighting...hey, the glue was drying on the first one when I realized what a PITA this was going to be without step-by-step instructions. Just pretend they're not fuzzy and funky-colors! LOL

The balloons are part of the title for the page, and the phrase assembly is completely self-explanatory.  Once you've got your letters glued down, it's time to make some balloons!

All ready for balloons!

After putting together the balloon layers, glue the green balloon down first

Wondering how to glue them down? I used a glue pen, perfect for making little dots of glue.

See? I use a "dot dot dot" technique to get around the narrow spaces, then scribble over the rest.

The blue/brown balloon goes down next!

Wondering what the shimmery partial circle was for? The pink balloon!That way the other balloon colors don't show through. :)

Pink balloon goes down last, and you're done!

Now it's party time!
There we go! Simple steps, but if you don't do them in order, the balloons don't come out quite right. I hope this helps everyone's assembly and let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Crafting!

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