Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July Already??

I feel like I simply blinked and June is over already! The first clue that this has happened is when people start yelling 'happy birthday!' at me, but still...summer, stop moving so fast!

For any of you reading this that knew it was my birthday and gave me a shout-out on social media/in person, thank you so very much. For everyone else, no worries; you can just give a bigger shout-out next year. ;)

I'm pleased to report that I successfully turned another year older and had a great time with family and friends. I even got some presents - woo! :D Hugs from my boy (and toys wrapped in his blankie; the kid is killing me with cuteness), bracelets from my crafting BFFs, gift certificates and, ah, liquid refreshments from coworkers and my gaming BFFs, and the 'go ahead' from my husband to upgrade my phone. Of course, then there's the crafty goodies I bought myself, but we won't mention those too loudly...lol...

So, how about a party favor for all of you?? Those of you who have been putting up with following me for a while may remember that I run a Christmas in July sale in my Etsy store every year. It's almost that time again! This year the sale will be from July 10th through the 20th, and I happen to think it will be sweet...just for you my dear readers, here's a hint:

Enough to make you start loading up that shopping cart? What's on your wish list this year??

Happy Crafting!

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