Friday, April 1, 2016

So Suzy Stamps April Release

Happy April! It's release day over at So Suzy Stamps, but the joke was on the Design Team - we didn't get our stamps in time. Woops!

Enter me wheedling some digital stamps out of Suzy so I could still help out...and foil ALL THE THINGS!

No, really, I did:

Dear Scan 'n Cut - I puffy heart you. Thank you for cutting all of these out for me in about 5 minutes so I could go foil crazy. xoxo, me.

Now, because these are digital, they might be the wrong size. Don't hate, just look at the shinies. Shiiinnnyyyy....

Aw yeah. There's four new flowers in there coated with pretty, pretty foil. Some vellum and the Built from Fire sentiment (one of my faves) heat embossed with gold made the center, but then how to hide the vellum adhesive? Gold metallic paper frame to the rescue!

Don't forget, we have our March Design Team Challenge going on as well - voting is open until April 5th. Choose your favorite DT card here (coughMinecough) and be entered to win two stamps!

Stamps Used:
Built from Fire
Chrysanthemum Solid
Chrysanthemum Outline
Wispy Chrysanthemum Outline
Ranunculus Outline
Oh, and foil!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Pretty card! Love that foiling! So sorry about your DT delivery of stamps.... now you have something to look forward to!

  2. So pretty and unique. Lovely flowers and meaningful sentiment. :) Fun giu projects!!!

  3. Love this Jen. Looking forward to my delivery from release day I ordered all the flowers. Love, love, love.


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