Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not Quite 'Perfect'...

Ever have one of those ideas/designs that look fantastic in your head, but when you put it to paper...well...not quite so fantastic? That's what happened to me last night.

I'm trying to get caught up on thank you cards and had the idea of using a kitchen-y Itty Bitty Unity stamp with some matching paper I had. Instead of stamping the image in black (like always), I decided to change it up and use gray. I colored, I layered, I threw more embellishments at it to make it better. After all, when in doubt, add more embellishments!

The result:

Perfect? Maybe not...
  My reaction to the result: meh. I've done better, I've done worse. It's perfectly usable, I'm just underwhelmed by the result.

Even Liquid Pearls didn't really help
I tried the border punch to give it some pizazz as it looked quite sad just sitting on the paper. But then the holes were lost, so I filled them in with Liquid Pearls for some pop. It needed some texture, so I chose the crocheted ribbon to hide the edges.

Side view - I'm thinking my towel looks like a scarf. :/
So I ask you, my loyal readers - how would YOU redo this card? Help a fellow crafter out!


  1. Actually, Jenn. It works in my mind's eye. I love gray, I think that is the most underused treasure for a color palette there is. You did a wonderful job. I love kitchen motifs. They are not done as much as I would like either. I can think of 6 people I know who would love to get this card. BTW? I did grab my coffee when I saw your email arrive.

  2. It's adorable! But if you're looking for ideas...
    Maybe a slightly darker gray? And use the gray to ink edges instead of the yellow/orange. Or even a gray mat.


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