Friday, August 16, 2013

Playing with Sprays

Happy Friday everyone! I've been playing along with the Unity Stamp Co. Itty Bitty a Day Challenge on Facebook this week and decided to finish it all off by playing with my new Heidi Swapp template I snagged with a birthday certificate (thanks again, Kristen!!).

I wanted CAS, shimmery, and FAST. My first attempt is still drying (bit too much spray, perhaps too thin cardstock) but this one came out, I think, pretty cute.

Shimmer and shine in the early morning light
Little hexagons dancing across the front...hehe, with the edge of the template visible as well. I rolled with it, and made the mental note to cover areas I don't want glitzed better next time. The 'thanks' is an unpackaged Itty Bitty I have which is, well, awesomely versatile.

Pardon my iffy lighting, but the sun wasn't quite up yet when I was snapping these before work. Oops.

Top view to see the overall effect
The dots in the hexes are from my rolling a paper towel roll over the sprayed area to pick up the extras. It came out so neat!

Thank you everyone for your comments via the blog post & Facebook about my 'Not Quite Perfect...' card. I love the change-up ideas, and the ones that basically told me to lighten up. Sometimes we crafters just need to hear that!

I'm also linking up to Friends with Flair today! Happy Crafting!