Saturday, July 14, 2012

Christmas in July on Etsy! Featured Shop: SweetSapling

Today's shop, chosen at random to be featured, is Sweet Sapling!

The shelves are stocked with beautiful fabric creations by Christina, and man do they make me wish either that I had a little girl to put them in or that I was one still myself so I could wear them! Her shop is marked 20% off, no coupon code needed. Looking through, I found some truly adorable pieces.

Girl's Ruffle Skirt with Headband in Pink & Red
How adorable is this skirt?? The ruffles are to die for and the patterns of the fabrics are stunning. I would happily put my little girl in this (if I had one). But wait, it gets better...

18" Doll Ruffle Skirt can get a matching outfit for her doll! I have to say, that is sheer genius right there. I know a little girl out there that would adore this combination.

After oohing and aahing at all the pretty girl things, I was delighted to see that she had a boy's section as well.

Just Like Dad Dinosaur Necktie
That's right, it's a necktie. For little boys. With dinosaurs on them. So freakin' adorable, and the model is pretty cute, too.

So, to summarize today's shop of the day:

Sweet Sapling
Handmade heirloom ruffle skirts and accessories
Entire store 20% off for a limited time

Go, shop, find pretty things, and tell Christina that Caffeinated Papercuts sent you! <3

Please note: I have not received compensation in any way to write about this shop. All views are my own personal ones and not from a script. I'm just that opinionated.

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